The surf board Wax
Give the gecko a rub!

Gecko Glue surf wax is a hand made specially formulated surf wax to meet the needs of a high performance surfboard wax.

If it's super grippy wax you need, then you need Gecko Glue Surf Wax!

Gecko Glue Surf Wax new formula new look.
Super Grippy Surf Wax

Give the gecko a rub!

It's sticky, builds up easily and keeps you on your board.

(see FAQs how to make surfboard wax for more info)

Thai girl gecko glue

Gecko Glue surf wax smells great and is easy to apply It's grippy and sticky offering great traction


Gecko Glue surf wax stays on your board and is made with the environment in mind


Tropical surf wax

Cold, Cool and Warm coming soon!!



    1. Lay your board on the ground with fins facing down.
    2. Get your Gecko out.
    3. Rub your Gecko on the board in a circular motion.
    4. Go surfing.
    5. Keep your Gecko sticky with regular combing and petting.



Gecko Glue surf wax is a 'SWD Surf Industries' product