Sophie Ingledew

I am a frothing 13 year old grom, from west australia, I love surfing with my friends,skating and martial arts. I have been competitive surfing for 2 years.

Inspirations: Bethany Hamilton, Sally Fitzgibbons, Andy Irons and Mum and Dad

Favourite Manouver: cut backs, snaps and floaters

Favourite surf spots: Cozies reef, Trigg Point, secret Harbour and Pyramids (home break)

Recent achievments: 1st in board riders girls open and 2nd in state school surfing titles.

worst wipeout: Broken my nose at high performance surf clinic i attended, conditions were messy and big.

Tyson Beardmore

Tyson Beardmore

Tyson Beardmore

Tyson Beardmore, 17 years old from Western Australia, been surfing since 12 and went straight into competitions,

Biggest inspirations: Taj, Dad, Machado, Bethany Hamilton

Worst wipeout: dislocated knee cap pulling into a close out at a local heavy wave

Best manouvers: hacks airs barrels

Favourite spot: Lembongan island, Bali, Indonesia

Sponsors: Wilkes Surfboards, Balin Surf Hardware, Sunski Eyewear, Zenith fins, Gecko Glue Wax and Street SUP.

2nd 3 years running in mandurah
board riders over all

placed 1st in the 2013 regional school titles going to the state final 2nd overall.

second over all in Mandurah for 2013 in under 18's division State talent squad 2013

2011 2012 2013 Margaret River Drug Aware Pro Invitational event, Junior division

Annissa Tita Flynn

Annissa Tita Flynn

Annissa Tita Flynn or 'Anni' to her freinds is a typical 12 year old who loves surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and fireturning with all her friends in Phuket.

And she likes Geckos Too!! :)

Most recent acheivements

2012 Asian Surfing Championship Women's Division - 1st place overall

2012 Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge - 1st place

2011 Asian Surfing Championship Women's Division - 2nd place overall

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